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Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am pleased to announce the web site store is now operating!

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What do the Blues mean to you?

Rachel Ammons of Tyrannosaurus Chicken














"I've know since I was thirteen that I wanted to be a Psychologist and I planned to get a Ph.D.  But now it will have to wait for my music...  plans change.  The first time I heard her songs they put me into a trance.  I listened to her over and over for a month straight and I still listen regularly.  She does simple licks that are sooooo good."

Rachel Ammons of Tyrannosaurus Chicken - Speaking about her music and how the music of Jessie Mae Hemphill inspires her.

The Blues is a Feeling:

It's the security of knowing every curve when she's in your arms.  The easy comfort of caressing her neck or the adrenaline rush as you tear at her strings.  The thrill of your guitar screaming and moaning at your every command.  It's the stale smell of beer mixed with cigarettes at your favorite bar.  And the warm smiles and glances of your friends as the band hits its groove.

The Blues is that woman named Linda who shakes it to the music all-night-long!  A lonely night at home with blues that moves you more than your lover can.  The tears you can't hold back when a performer grabs hold of you and pulls at your insides.  The Blues remembers the emptiness and pain from the ones you've lost.  It's the sexual energy in the party all around you.

Or a trance, in a journey, you can really only take ….     alone.


Ray Proetto


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